About Restaurant Shelving

Safely and conveniently keep your important ingredients and supplies stored till the next time you need them. Our range of storage shelving units are ideal for kitchens, warehouses, walk-in refrigeration, and diverse retail applications. Space is a valuable resource in every commercial foodservice outlet. Choosing the right restaurant shelving can help you maximize your otherwise wasted vertical space, as well as find a way to store dry goods, wet ingredients, and hold small kitchen appliances.

Industrial shelves are made from a number of different materials. When selecting the right one for the needs of your kitchen, think about durability, ease of cleaning, and antimicrobial features that can help ward off bacteria, mildew, and mold.

Stainless steel - this is a great material because it is easy to clean, corrosion resistant, and non-magnetic.

Eric Commercial Kitchen Equipment can offer you an immense and varied range of high quality stainless steel shelves . These shelves are available in several shapes, styles and sizes as per the demand and requirements of our customers.

Engineered and put together by experienced professionals, from optimum raw material for manufacturing, these products come with the best quality steel and added components.

Our shelves are acclaimed for their quality steel, great value, effective usage, reliability, practicality and approved by trained authorities. These shelves are specially designed for simple assembly and perfect for any modern commercial kitchen.



Post time: Apr-25-2022