Acceptance criteria for commercial kitchen engineering

Acceptance criteria for commercial kitchen engineering

Due to the huge amount of decoration works of catering commercial kitchens, it is also a place prone to sequelae. Once there is a problem in the use process, it is difficult to repair, so how to ensure the quality acceptance of commercial kitchen engineering is very important. The commercial kitchen project includes civil engineering and decoration engineering. In fact, the most important part is the kitchen equipment engineering. As long as the civil engineering and decoration meet the requirements of kitchen equipment engineering, it will even pass the acceptance. What is the specific acceptance standard of commercial kitchen engineering?
What is the acceptance standard for commercial kitchen engineering?

Civil engineering related

1. Water level
The waterway pipelines shall be arranged in order and enough water inlet shall be reserved. The depth (0.6m and above) and length (less than 10m) of the sewage ditch are sufficient, and there is a certain slope greater than 0.5%. The three-stage oil separation tank shall be built, and the holes to be reserved on the wall, including the holes required for smoke exhaust pipes, shall meet the requirements. The partition of the wall and the construction of the floor meet the design requirements of the kitchen.

2. Potential
The cable pipelines shall be arranged neatly, with sufficient sockets. The power of the sockets shall also meet the power consumption requirements of the equipment designed and arranged in the kitchen. The distribution box shall meet the power requirements of all electrical equipment during use, without overload, and overload protection devices shall be installed.

3. The installation of air conditioner shall meet the use requirements and cooperate with the use of fresh air supply system, so that it is better not to feel muggy in the kitchen.

4. The door shall meet the requirements of equipment mobilization and smooth passage of employees according to the design requirements. The door width shall be more than 1.2m. The size of the window shall also meet the fresh air supply required by the kitchen equipment engineering.

5. The gas pipeline shall be set according to the national standard, and the pipeline shall be neat to meet the gas consumption demand of all gas equipment in the kitchen at the same time.

During specific use, water, electricity, gas, air conditioning doors and windows can be used normally without failure and unreasonable phenomenon

6. Kitchen equipment engineering related
The kitchen function room is arranged reasonably, which can meet the use requirements and the requirements of hygiene, fire control, epidemic prevention and so on.

The specification and quantity of kitchen equipment meet the use. The kitchen equipment is of good quality. They are all qualified products, easy to operate and not prone to failure. The kitchen equipment shall be placed in accordance with daily habits, used smoothly, and will not cross fight with others.

The kitchen smoke exhaust system operates normally. There is no oil fume in the kitchen and the air is in circulation.

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