Daily operation process of commercial kitchen equipment

Daily operation process of commercial kitchen equipment:
1. Before and after work, check whether the relevant components used in each stove can be opened and closed flexibly (such as whether the water switch, oil switch, air door switch and oil nozzle are blocked), and strictly prevent water or oil leakage.  If any fault is found,  stop using immediately and report to the maintenance department;
2. When starting the stove blower and exhaust fan, listen to whether they operate normally. If they can’t rotate or have fire, smoke and odor,  disconnect the power switch immediately to avoid burning out the motor or ignition.  They can only be powered on again after they are urgently reported to the personnel of the engineering department for maintenance;
3. The use and maintenance of steam cabinet and stove shall be to the responsible person and cleaned regularly.  The general time is to soak in oxalic acid for more than 5 hours every 10 days,  clean and completely remove the scale in the bile.  Check whether the automatic water make-up system and steam pipe switch are in good condition every day.  If the switch is blocked or leaked, it can only be used after maintenance, so as to avoid affecting the use effect or explosion accident due to steam loss;
4. When there is still hot gas after the stove is put into use and shut down,   do not pour water into the furnace core, otherwise the furnace core will be burst and damaged;
5. If blackening or fire leakage is found around the surface of the stove head,  it shall be reported for repair in time to prevent serious burning of the stove;
6. When cleaning, it is forbidden to pour water into the furnace core, blower and power supply system to avoid unnecessary losses and accidents;
7. All switches used in the kitchen shall be covered or closed after use to prevent oil fume from being damaged by moisture or electric shock;
8. It is forbidden to wipe the pastry room equipment and brine heating equipment with water or wet cloth to prevent electric leakage accidents;
9. Kitchen gas stoves, pressure cookers and other equipment shall be managed by special personnel and inspected regularly. Never leave your post and use them carefully;
10. When cleaning,  it is strictly prohibited to clean with fire water pipes.  The high water pressure of fire water pipes will damage relevant electrical equipment or destroy fire equipment.


Post time: Nov-25-2021