Purchasing skills of energy-saving gas stoves

Purchasing skills of energy-saving gas stoves

Gas stoves are indispensable kitchenware in kitchen equipment. Large stoves with a diameter of more than 80cm are usually used as commercial kitchen equipment. With the continuous development of science and technology, most of the large stoves on the market are energy-saving stoves with uniform firepower, energy saving and high efficiency; Reasonable design, beautiful appearance and no pollution. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, enterprises and institutions. It is an ideal equipment in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at the purchasing skills of energy-saving gas stoves for your reference.

1. Look at the details

Details can best reflect the differences between products and brands, and in daily life, the causes of product problems are often some details. To check the parts, you can pick up the furnace frame, furnace head and other parts. On the one hand, you can see whether the surface treatment is smooth and smooth. Secondly, you can feel the weight. If it is a product of the same size, the weight will be better. Compared with after-sales service, general brand enterprises attach great importance to after-sales service construction. It is also easy to see the after-sales service hotline on the product page. Before purchasing, you can try to call the manufacturer’s after-sales service hotline, do some consulting work, and personally experience the manufacturer’s after-sales service, The service items promised by the salesperson are consistent with those of the after-sales service personnel.

2. Look at the fire control

Reasonable design and excellent quality combustion system is the key to the use effect of gas cooker. The burner is a key component. The quality of the burner is hard to see from the appearance, because judging the quality of the burner depends not only on one vessel, but also on its material and fire transmission speed. The burners of general excellent products will use heavy copper castings, and the parts will be subject to the surface treatment of a new generation of nano inorganic water-based coatings with wear resistance and high temperature resistance, so as to ensure that each burner part can withstand long-term use at 500 ℃, without discoloration, blistering and impurity falling off, so as to ensure the durability of the products.

3. Viewing panel and its accessories

Stainless steel panel: stainless steel panel products are the mainstream. Its advantage is strong and collision resistant, but it is difficult to clean. If you brush with hard objects, it is easy to damage the surface gloss, and the surface gloss will be worse after long-term use.

Glass panel: because the glass panel will have the risk of explosion, many consumers dare not buy it. In fact, the glass panel is excellent in terms of beauty and easy cleanliness.

Nowadays, we often see gas cooker accidents. In order to avoid these safety problems, we must understand some safety common sense and choose qualified and safe gas cooker. We need to pay more attention to the purchase skills of energy-saving gas cooker.




Post time: Sep-13-2021