Residential Vs. Commercial freezers — The real winner

Energy Consumption

Various appliances are rated for energy use, and commercial and residential appliances are rated differently, based on their size, capacity, and power requirements. While commercial freezers consume more energy, they make up for it in increased storage and consistent cooling ability that commercial kitchens need to support food safety and storage requirements.


Size and Layout

Commercial freezers are much larger than their compact, designed-for-family-use residential counterparts — and that’s perfect for commercial kitchens. These appliances are designed to hold much larger quantities of food that restaurants and food service operations require to serve customers. This means you’ll never run out of signature flavors and ingredients simply because of a lack of storage.


Cooling Ability

Commercial freezers, like the ones from Zberic Food Equipment, are specially designed to allow commercial kitchens to store and produce large quantities of food every day. As inventory is delivered and signature flavors are brewed, marinated, or slow-cooked in preparation for long days of serving customers and making their day with much-loved food, it’s commercial freezers that chefs and kitchen staff count on to deliver fresh, quality tasting food.

That’s because commercial freezers pack powerful, commercial-grade compressors compared to the standard ones found in residential models. These compressors maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooling unit, despite frequent opening and closing of doors.


Invest In a Professional Appearance

Today’s commercial kitchens should be sleek and clean — conducive to collecting items in the pantry and access to key appliances. Commercial freezers support this by featuring a polished and corrosion-resistant exterior. Their stainless steel bodies of industrial freezers are built to last and ensure reliable long-term cooling and storage. Choose from a range of sizes, colors, and other exterior finishing details that support your cooking needs and budget.

If you run a business in the food and beverage industry, then investing in a high-quality restaurant freezer is a must.


Post time: May-30-2022