Stainless Steel Sinks, Benches and Shelves

Sinks are an essential part of any kitchen, be it a commercial one or one belonging to a household.A chef may use the sink to rinse dishes, wash vegetables, and cut meat. Such sinks are usually located beside the dishwasher for the chef’s convenience, you can find Stainless Steel Sinks in different sizes following the requirements of your business.

Steel benches on the other hand are something that serves as an additional space to store items, make dough for the bread, or even cut pieces of meat. If your commercial kitchen restricts you to perform efficiently due to lack of space, stainless steel benches are your way to go.
When talking about stainless steel shelves, they are something which you can mount at a place of your liking or just keep at a suited area, this will give you an additional space to store your essentials and also help you scatter the kitchen less.
The quality of each of the products prevents them from attracting rust and protects them from corroding with time as the sink and bench may be in regular contact with moisture and liquids.
Common uses of our products
All the above-mentioned products are best suited for a commercial kitchen which involves a series of tasks regularly. Equipment like stainless steel benches, shelves, sinks may be used for keeping things handy for the chef or cut meat, to store essentials and to get rid of clutter and, to wash dishes and vegetables, respectively.

Here’s a list of places best suited for and most commonly used:
Restaurants / Cafes
Clubs / Pubs / Bars
Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience stores
Petrol pumps / Supermarkets
Food Production
Hospitality / Venues
Medical / Aged Care
Bakery / Pastry
This equipment can be used for household purposes as well but due to the building of such products, they are better suited for commercial use. 1

Post time: May-11-2022