The design of commercial kitchen should conform to seven principles

10The design of commercial kitchen should conform to seven principles
When it comes to five-star hotels, it gives people the feeling of large-scale construction, luxurious decoration, good service quality, complete facilities, unique dishes and good taste. What is the kitchen of such a large-scale hotel with excellent service and good dishes? What is the design concept of the designer?
1、 Commercial kitchen engineering: Safety
1. The gas room shall be equipped with corresponding safety devices, and the design and installation of gas pipeline shall fully comply with the national standards.
2. The corresponding accident ventilation and indoor ventilation and exhaust should be designed.
3. Reasonably reserve enough space for people flow.
4. The fire protection factors are fully considered in the design, and the overall layout meets the fire protection requirements.
5. Gas cookers produced by regular manufacturers with test reports shall be adopted.
6. The kitchen equipment is made of stainless steel to reduce inflammables.
2、 Commercial kitchen equipment: configuration rationality
1. Plane process to do raw and cooked do not cross, dirty and clean do not cross, in line with the daily work flow of the kitchen.
2. The overall layout meets the requirements of fire protection and sanitation.
3. The kitchen equipment is easy to use and operate.
4. The number of equipment is arranged according to the demand, but more is not too little.
5. On the premise of reasonable process, it is convenient, practical, labor saving and safety oriented.
3、 Commercial kitchen equipment: Economy
1. According to the type of customers, choose the corresponding products. On the premise of meeting the function, it is mainly economical and practical.
2. On the premise of meeting the use needs, try to choose cost-effective kitchen equipment.
4、 Commercial kitchen engineering: practicability
1. Design layout considering comprehensive design principles and customer usage habits.
2. Control the distance between the equipment and the size of various channels. The distance between the stove and the back table is generally 800mm,
Generally, the channel size for single-sided operation must be more than 700mm, and that for double-sided operation must be more than 1200mm. The water intake points in the kitchen are evenly distributed.
5、 Commercial kitchen equipment: versatility
1. According to the reasonable layout of the established dishes, the processing flow line should be smooth, and the equipment layout should be standardized.
2. Choose the kitchen equipment which is widely used.
6、 Commercial kitchen: Professional
1. Combined with the actual situation of the scene, in strict accordance with the kitchen design standards to design.
2. According to the number of diners, the number of meals, the reasonable layout of the kitchen area.
3. Customized kitchen equipment according to customer’s business style and business model.
7、 Commercial kitchen equipment: environmental protection
1. In terms of product selection, low energy consumption equipment should be considered; qualified fume purification equipment should be selected for fume exhaust equipment.
2. In the design, energy-saving and environment-friendly kitchen equipment should be selected, and the exhaust system of kitchen should be well done.

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