Tips for under counter chillers/freezers purchase

Tips for refrigerator purchase:
1. Look at the brand: choose a good and suitable refrigerator, the brand is very important. Of course, a good refrigerator brand has passed a long-term market test. But also does not rule out the advertising propaganda. Generally speaking, there is no big difference in the materials, technology and efficiency of refrigerators of the same size, but there is a big difference in the price due to different brands. Therefore, the choice depends on one’s actual economic ability.
2. Look at the capacity: the volume of refrigerators is different for different uses. For example, household refrigerators can choose multiple refrigerators according to the number of permanent residents and shopping habits, and try to choose refrigerators with “large refrigeration and small refrigeration”. After all, in practical applications, there are many things that need to be refrigerated, such as eggs, milk, fresh vegetables and so on. If it is commercial, it should also be selected according to the use situation. For example, vertical freezer can be selected for cold drink business. If it is used in hotel rooms and there are few goods stored, small glass refrigerator can be selected.
3. Power consumption: refrigerator belongs to everyone’s electricity, so energy saving must be considered. Refrigerators on the market, commercial kitchen refrigerators, will be labeled with energy saving. There are five levels of energy saving signs, and the first level is energy saving. Because refrigerators are used 24 hours a day almost all the year round, choosing an energy-saving refrigerator can save a lot of costs, save resources and make contributions to the society.
4. Look at refrigeration methods: there are two refrigeration methods for refrigerators. The first is direct cooling. This is the refrigeration method used in early refrigerators. It consumes a lot of power, and it also needs regular manual de icing. Otherwise, the ice on the freezing tube will become thicker and thicker, which will affect the refrigeration effect. Not only troublesome, but also shorten the service life of the refrigerator. The second is air-cooled refrigeration, which is the refrigeration method adopted by most refrigerators at present, because it can avoid the accumulation of frost and save energy.

Precautions for food storage in freezer:
1. First of all, we must remember not to put hot food into the freezer, so as not to affect the use of the freezer, which will affect the temperature of the freezer, and the compressor will start to cool down. After a long time, putting hot food into the freezer for storage will affect the compressor and shorten the service life of the compressor.
2. Don’t put the bottled drinks or articles into the freezer, so as not to crack the glass bottles and cause danger. It’s better to put them in the refrigerator. In this way, not only the glass bottles will not break, but also the drinks will be cool and delicious.
3. Do not mix raw and cooked food to keep it healthy. According to the requirements of food storage time and temperature, make rational use of the space in the box. Don’t put the food directly on the surface of the evaporator, but put it in the utensils, so as to avoid inconvenient removal on the evaporator.
4. It is not suitable to store too much food in the freezer. It is necessary to leave space. The air flow in the freezer and the fresh quality of food can reduce the refrigeration pressure and prolong the service life of the freezer to a certain extent.


Post time: Jun-21-2021