Use and maintenance knowledge of chillers and freezers

Use and maintenance knowledge of commercial chillers and freezers:
1. Food should be packed before freezing
(1) After food packaging, food can avoid direct contact with air, reduce the oxidation rate of food, ensure food quality and extend storage life.
(2) After food packaging, it can prevent the food from drying due to water evaporation during storage, and keep the original freshness of food.
(3) Packaging can prevent the volatilization of original flavor, the influence of peculiar smell and the pollution of surrounding food.
(4) The food is packed in bags, which is convenient for storage and storage, improves the freezing quality, avoids repeated freezing and saves electric energy.
2. Quick frozen food
0 ℃ – 3 ℃ is the temperature zone in which the water in food cells freezes to the maximum ice crystal. The shorter the time for food to drop from 0 ℃ to – 3 ℃, the better the preservation of food. Quick freezing can make food complete the freezing process at the fastest speed. In the process of quick freezing food, the smallest ice crystal will be formed. This small ice crystal will not pierce the cell membrane of food. In this way, when thawing, the cell tissue fluid can be completely preserved, reducing the loss of nutrients, and achieving the purpose of food preservation.
First of all, turn on the quick freezing switch or adjust the temperature controller to 7, run for a period of time, and make the temperature in the box low enough before putting the food. Then wash and dry the food, pack it in the food bag, tie the mouth, put it flat in the freezer, touch the surface of the evaporator as far as possible, put the drawer type flat and on the surface of the drawer, put the air-cooled refrigerator on the metal plate of the freezer, freeze for several hours, turn off the quick-frozen switch or adjust the temperature regulator to the normal use position after the food is completely frozen.
3. Check whether the water tray is installed properly
The water pan is also called evaporating pan. Its function is to receive the defrosting water discharged from the refrigerator. The water in the evaporating pan is evaporated by using the heat of the compressor itself or the heat of the condenser. After the evaporating dish is used for a long time, it will deposit some dirt and sometimes produce peculiar smell. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly pull out the evaporating dish along the horizontal direction, clean it, and then prevent it from returning to its original place.
4. The function of the glass cover on the fruit and vegetable box in the refrigerator
The fruit and vegetable box is located at the bottom of the freezer, which is the place with the lowest temperature in the freezer. There are living bodies in fresh fruits and vegetables, and the temperature around them is not easy to be too low, otherwise it will freeze. After the box is covered with glass, the convection cold air can not enter into the box, which makes the temperature in the box higher than other places in the box. In addition, after the box is covered with glass plate, the box has a certain degree of sealing, It can avoid the evaporation of water in fruits and vegetables and keep the original fresh.
5. The compressor should be prevented from overheating in summer
In summer, due to the high ambient temperature, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the box is large, and a large amount of hot air flows into the box, causing the compressor to start frequently and run for a long time and overheat, or even burn the compressor. Methods to prevent compressor overheating are as follows:
(1) Don’t put too much food in the box to avoid not stopping the machine due to too much load and poor air circulation.
(2) Try to reduce the opening times, shorten the opening time, reduce the loss of cold air and hot air into the box.
(3) Place the refrigerator and freezer in a ventilated and cool place, and increase the distance between the refrigerator and freezer and the wall. You can also insert two square wood strips at the bottom along the front and rear direction to improve the heat dissipation efficiency.
(4) Frequently clean the dust on the condenser, compressor and box to facilitate heat dissipation.
(5) On the premise of ensuring the quality of food in the box, try to adjust the temperature controller in the weak gear.
(6) Defrost the freezer in time and clean the freezer regularly.
(7) Put the hot food in the box after the temperature drops to room temperature.
6. Causes and elimination of peculiar smell in refrigerators and freezers
Refrigerators, freezers used for a period of time, the box is easy to produce odor. This is mainly because the residues of stored food and liquid remain in the box for a long time, resulting in putrefaction, protein decomposition and mildew, especially for fish, shrimp and other seafood. Methods to prevent odor are as follows:
(1) Food, especially fruits and vegetables, should be washed with water, dried in the air, put into clean fresh-keeping bags, and then put into the shelf or fruit and vegetable box in the cold room for storage.
(2) Those that can be frozen should be frozen. Foods that need to be stored in the refrigerator for a long time and can be frozen for a long time, such as meat, fish and shrimp, should be stored in the freezer instead of in the freezer to prevent deterioration.
(3) When storing food with internal organs, such as chicken, duck and fish, the internal organs must be removed first to prevent the internal organs from rotting and spoiling, polluting other food and causing peculiar smell.
(4) Raw and cooked food should be stored separately. Cooked meat, sausage, ham and other cooked food must be wrapped with fresh-keeping bags and put on the special shelf of cooked food, which should be separated from raw food and food with strong smell, so as to avoid contamination with cooked food.
(5) Clean the refrigerator regularly. In the process of use, clean the box regularly with neutral detergent and refrigerator deodorant. In order to prevent odor in the box, activated carbon can also be used for deodorization.
7. The odor mainly comes from the refrigeration room. Sometimes, the odor will be produced when defrosting and thawing in the refrigeration room. The odor emitted from the cold room can be directly put into the deodorant or electronic deodorant to eliminate. The refrigerator can also be shut down for thorough cleaning. For the odor in the freezer, cut off the power supply, open the door, defrost and clean it, and then remove it with deodorant or electronic deodorant. If there is no smell removes, the refrigerator can be cleaned and cleaned. After the cleaning is done, half a glass of Baijiu (preferably iodine) is closed. The door can be closed without power supply. After 24h, the odor can be eliminated.
8. Use method of refrigerator temperature compensation switch
When the ambient temperature is low, if the temperature compensation switch is not turned on, the working times of the compressor will be significantly reduced, the start-up time will be short, and the shutdown time will be long. As a result, the temperature of the freezer will be on the high side, and the frozen food can not be completely frozen. Therefore, the temperature compensation switch must be turned on. Turning on the temperature compensation switch does not affect the service life of the refrigerator.
When the winter is over and the ambient temperature is higher than 20 ℃, please turn off the temperature compensation switch, so as to avoid frequent starting of the compressor and save electricity.
9. Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted
Frost is a bad conductor, and its conductivity is 1 / 350 of aluminum. Frost covers the surface of the evaporator and becomes the heat insulation layer between the evaporator and the food in the box. It affects the heat exchange between the evaporator and the food in the box, so that the temperature in the box can not be reduced, the refrigeration performance of the refrigerator is reduced, the power consumption is increased, and even the compressor is heated due to long-term operation, which is easy to burn the compressor. In addition, there are all kinds of food smell in the frost. If it is not defrosted for a long time, it will make the refrigerator smell. Generally, defrosting is necessary when the frost layer is 5mm thick.

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