What are the standards for selecting kitchen equipment for kitchen engineering?

An important part of the commercial kitchen project is the selection of kitchen equipment. The standard for the selection of kitchen equipment is the evaluation of products by equipment procurement. The evaluation shall be carried out in as many aspects as possible according to the proportion of corresponding evaluation items, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and exceeding expectations
1. Consider various costs
Considering the cost and people only consider the purchase price is extremely incomplete, which can cause great future problems. The way to consider social problems in an all-round development should be to consider the cost, which includes the following important aspects: purchase price, installation cost, freight, insurance and packaging design cost, repair cost, business environment cost control, etc.
2. Performance is directly proportional to price
It mainly depends on whether various technical indicators of kitchen equipment are consistent with those written on the nameplate and can meet the requirements. At the same time, it depends on how long the indicators can be maintained, and the performance should be in direct proportion to the price. For the performance of the equipment, you can refer to: look at the actual operation state of the equipment; Probation equipment; Learn more about user experience
3. There are important guarantees in terms of safety and health
The safety of kitchen equipment shall consider whether the operators are safe to use and whether there are protective devices to prevent various accidents, such as automatic alarm and grounding wire. In terms of hygiene, cooking machinery shall be made of non-toxic materials, and the inner wall shall be made of stainless steel plate. It is strictly prohibited to use galvanized plate or paint on the inner wall of the equipment.
4. Kitchen equipment is easy to use
The transfer of restaurant staff and the education of kitchen staff are uneven, so it is more convenient to use kitchen equipment. It will be able to use and maintain without any specific knowledge and technology.
5. The energy-saving design has good effect and low energy resource consumption
Due to the increasing efforts of the state to regulate and control emissions, energy conservation has become the mainstream. The energy-saving kitchen has good equipment, high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
6. Leave room for automatic control
In modern restaurants, computer control is imperative, so when purchasing kitchen equipment, we should consider whether students are equipped with computer system control and management interface, so as to avoid trouble in equipment cost control in the future.222

Post time: Oct-11-2021