What problems should be paid attention to in the installation of commercial kitchen equipment?

What problems should be paid attention to in the installation of commercial kitchen equipment?
Commercial kitchen equipment is mainly used in catering institutions or school canteens and other large occasions, because it is quite different from household kitchen equipment in terms of type, power and capacity, so when people choose commercial kitchen equipment, they should not only understand the performance of various products, but also pay attention to the installation points of some equipment. So what are the main installation points?
1. When installing commercial kitchen equipment, people should pay attention to the installation in accordance with its standard installation sequence, that is, the wall and ground base should be disposed first, and then the device products should be inspected, and then the hanging cabinet, bottom cabinet and other equipment should be installed, and then the commissioning and water supply and drainage work should be carried out, and then the supporting electrical appliances in the kitchen should be installed, and the test adjustment and cleaning work should be carried out.
2. The installation of commercial kitchen equipment should be carried out after the decoration and sanitation of the kitchen are completed, and the installation of kitchen equipment should also require professional personnel to measure and design, so as to ensure the correct size of the production, and the joints of gas appliances and countertops should be treated with silica gel to prevent water seepage.
3. People should pay attention to safety when installing commercial kitchen equipment, that is, they should carefully check whether the hardware of kitchen equipment and hanging kitchen are firmly installed. When installing the range hood, the installation personnel should also pay attention to its height, which should be subject to the height of the user. At the same time, in order to reduce the trouble, the range hood and the cabinet should be installed at the same time.
4. In the installation of commercial kitchen equipment, we should do a good job in the acceptance of kitchen equipment, which not only requires that the kitchen equipment should be free of obvious quality defects such as looseness and forward tilt, but also that the connection between the kitchen equipment and the grass-roots should meet the requirements of relevant national specifications.bx1




Post time: May-10-2021