Open the door of talents in the world and build a bright future for enterprises

As we all know, this year’s foreign trade enterprises have encountered unprecedented challenges and business opportunities. Many enterprises have made a glorious curtain call, and some enterprises can find business opportunities in the crisis. The epidemic situation has become the main influence of development, but it is not very wise to regard the epidemic situation as the main reason and neglect its own development. At the crossroads, many people feel that as long as they stick to the bottom line of business, they can get business opportunities and get development. Some people also put forward the opposite point of view, that we must face the difficulties and find new innovation points in order to easily control the future.

Sticking to the quality of products, sticking to the original intention of foreign trade, breaking through the daily thinking, and doing a good job in the innovation and cultivation of talents are the great plans of foreign trade enterprises for a hundred years. In line with the development of the times, Erics people have always carried out this strategy and learned from the mode of school enterprise cooperation. In November, they interviewed several international students of science and Technology University in China, so as to give everyone employment practice and train their practical skills. The introduction of foreign students not only opens up the international market, but also stimulates the development of the company’s foreign trade. On the other hand, it improves the oral communication level of the employees of the company, and has a deeper understanding of the customs and concepts of overseas countries.


Post time: Jan-06-2021