Stainless steel commercial shelves is the absolute best storage solution for any food service venue. Although stainless steel usually comes with a higher price tag, however you are investing in commercial shelves that has significant corrosion resistance and tremendous strength to hold the heaviest of loads. Stainless steel naturally resists bacteria and provides a sanitary storage solution for cold meats and vegetables.
Health inspectors love the sight of stainless steel as they know if a mess occurs, they can be cleaned through the dishwasher or in many cases, simply wiped down. Walking into a cooler kept at proper temperatures and lined with NSF, stainless steel shelves reflect an environment highly resistant to bacteria. Rust and mold with both give you trouble during an inspection, and stainless steel resists both in the harshest of environments.
Stainless steel shelves can be used anywhere in your restaurant, from the front of house, to your dry storage pantry, to walk-in coolers and freezers where condensation can occur and corrode lesser materials over time.
We offer the stainless steel shelf components you need to build the perfect shelf for your space.


Post time: Jun-20-2022