Classification of commercial kitchen equipment

Classification of commercial kitchen equipment
Commercial kitchen equipment can be roughly divided into five categories: kitchen equipment, smoke ventilation equipment, conditioning equipment, mechanical equipment, refrigeration and insulation equipment.
Stove equipment
At present, natural gas or liquefied gas stoves are widely used. Among them, the most common products are double head single tail stove, double head double tail stove, single head single tail frying stove, double head and single head low soup stove, single door, double door and three door steaming cabinet, etc. Japanese and Korean style kitchens also need Teppanyaki equipment. These gas equipment can only be used after relevant testing. With the development of electromagnetic technology, a small number of kitchens have begun to use electromagnetic cookers. Green environmental protection and cost saving will be the development trend in the future.
Smoke exhaust and ventilation equipment
For the sake of food hygiene and the health of kitchen staff, smoke exhaust system is a necessary facility in every kitchen. Common equipment includes luxury hood, water hood, oil fume purifier, fan and other equipment. The installation of such equipment should be calculated according to the number and area of gas equipment, which must be more than 20% of the area of gas equipment to ensure the air quality. Health departments also have special spot checks.
Conditioning equipment
The number of such equipment is relatively large, the name is also many, there are mainly several: workbench shelf. Used to cut vegetables, put vegetables, rice noodles, etc. Commonly used to have the operating platform, rice and flour rack, 3-5 layer shelf, noodle table, sink and other equipment, mainly stainless steel products.
Mechanical equipment
Here is mainly used in some small mechanical equipment, the more commonly used products are slicer, blender, flour mixing machine, noodle pressing machine, soybean milk machine, coffee machine, ice maker and other products, these machinery brands are many, the function is also uneven, generally according to the level of the kitchen needs to be equipped with.
Refrigeration and thermal insulation equipment
For the storage of raw materials, freezers are often used, with 4 doors and 6 doors being the most common. In order to maintain the temperature of food, we also need to have insulation table, rice table and other equipment. Water heaters are also essential equipment.cbs28x

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