Development prospect and trend of commercial kitchen equipment industry

With the high-quality development of China’s economy,  Chinese society has entered a new era.  All walks of life in China have undergone great changes and are facing opportunities and adjustments.  As a commercial kitchen equipment industry developed after the reform and opening up, what fate and future will it have?

The commercial kitchen equipment industry is a sunrise industry in China. It has developed since the 1980s and has a history of nearly 30 years.  Commercial kitchen equipment was introduced to China from the West and belongs to durable products and high-end consumer goods.  It is widely used in Chinese food, Western food, hotels, bakeries,  bars,  cafes,  staff restaurants,  school restaurants,  barbecue shops,  fast food restaurants,  pasta restaurants,  sushi restaurants and other places.

01. Commercial kitchenware

In recent years, Western restaurants have swept the country, and the number of domestic western restaurants has increased rapidly.  Among them, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and other chain fast food have developed most rapidly,  and they are also western kitchen restaurants that account for an absolute proportion of the market share of western kitchen.  Some non chain Western restaurants are mainly concentrated in first tier cities with more foreigners such as Beijing,  Shanghai and Shenzhen, but their market share is relatively small.

02. Washing equipment

Washing equipment is mainly commercial dishwashers.  It is estimated that by 2015, the sales scale of dishwashers in China will reach 358000 units.
Dishwashers have become popular in Europe,  America and other countries.  They have been popularized in every household, hotel, enterprise and school.  They are also divided into domestic dishwashers, commercial dishwashers, ultrasonic dishwashers, automatic dishwashers and so on.  However, dishwashers are gradually leading the Chinese market.  China has a large market space, so the market is mixed with fish and eyes, and dishwashers are produced by various small enterprises and industries.

03. Refrigeration and preservation

Commercial refrigeration and preservation equipment includes a wide variety of products, such as refrigerators, freezers and cold storages in large hotels and hotel kitchens, freezers and freezers in supermarkets, ice cream machines and ice makers in restaurants. The scale of China’s refrigeration equipment market has continued to grow in recent years.  The growth rate of China’s commercial refrigeration equipment industry is expected to decline, mainly because the market scale of the industry is increasing year by year, the energy-saving index of the refrigeration equipment industry will be further improved,  and the industry structure will face great adjustment.  It is estimated that by 2015,  the market sales scale of China’s commercial refrigeration equipment industry will reach 237 billion yuan.

Analysis on the future development trend of China’s commercial kitchen equipment market

1. The product structure evolves in the direction of beauty, fashion,  environmental protection and low energy consumption.  Low value-added products must continue to withstand the impact of the same domestic industry and deeper competition.

2. Brewing changes in circulation channels.  With the rise of home appliance chain industry in recent years,  it has become an important sales channel of home appliance industry.  However, due to the high entry cost and operation cost of home appliance chain stores, some manufacturers are looking for other ways, such as entering building materials city and overall kitchen exhibition hall.

3. Relying on the advantages of technology, brand and marketing, imported brands will pose a considerable threat to domestic brands.  Once imported brands are gradually familiar and accepted by domestic consumers, their development prospects in China will not be underestimated.

From the current situation,  there is still a huge market for commercial kitchen equipment in China.  To win in China’s current market situation, only by improving the added value and advantages of their products can they survive in the fierce competition, and only by improving their comprehensive strength can they gain a firm foothold in the future development.



Post time: Jan-06-2022